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Shakespeare in Bits

Making Shakespeare accessible

Shakespeare In Bits brings William Shakespeare's most widely studied plays to life with an immersive, digital approach. Each title is packed with features to support the study and teaching of the Bard's works like never before.

Currently included in the series:

  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Macbeth
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Julius Caesar
  • Hamlet
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Language comprehension

Read between the lines

Appreciate the linguistic richness of William Shakespeare’s plays — the original, unabridged text is broken into easily digested ‘bits’, each featuring multiple aids to demystify the Bard's fertile prose. Understand difficult words and phrases in context, with our helpful in-line translations and explanatory margin notes.

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Engaging digital presentation

Hear it, see it

Visualize scenes and understand what's going on — each title includes hours of rich animation with full professional audio. The text — presented side-by-side with animated action — is easy to follow, with parts highlighted as they are spoken in the play. This integrated combination of text, audio, and graphics is uniquely designed to facilitate learners of diverse abilities and learning styles.

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Play cast

Character building

Easily familiarize yourself with Shakespeare’s dramatis personae — bios for every character are accessible in context or through a dedicated Cast feature. Character relationship maps illustrate key characters and their interrelationships in each play, helping you quickly get up to speed with who's who.

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Study notes

Ace that exam

Understand plots, key themes, language, imagery, and important quotes from the play — each Shakespeare In Bits title provides thorough, integrated analyses and study notes for each scene. An easy-to-navigate visual scene selection menu is also provided to help you to quickly get familiar with the play’s structure and sequence of events.

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An ideal resource for educators

Shakespeare In Bits can be used in many learning settings — in the classroom and at home — wherever works best for you and your students.

Accessible and engaging

Making Shakespeare’s plays accessible and engaging

Shakespeare In Bits was consciously designed to help students of diverse learning styles and abilities to engage with and appreciate the multifaceted richness of Shakespeare’s work. While presented so as to make the texts seem less daunting, all our titles are academically rigorous — featuring unabridged play text, voice-over audio from renowned Shakespearean actors, along with comprehensive notes and analysis.

Use in-class or remotely

Use in a way that works for you — in-class or remotely

Shakespeare In Bits can be used by educators in-class as part of an organized lesson and by students — working individually or in groups. Students can also log in at home to access the plays using the same account, ensuring "access anywhere" to the materials being taught — ideal for remote learning and blended learning approaches.

No hard copy textbook required!

Convenient and hassle-free

A convenient, hassle-free way to learn online

Easy to access and deploy — no downloads, installations or IT involvement. All you and your students need is an internet connection, a standard browser and audio speakers or headphones to start using our digital renditions of the plays. Ideally suited to BYOD or mixed device environments, smoothing the path to incorporating digital learning into your literature program.

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By breaking the play into manageable “bits”, kids will not only learn the play but will enjoy the Bard. A breathtaking combination of high technology and classic literature.

— Jinny Gudmundsen, Editor, Computing With Kids magazine

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